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Michael Fletcher Productions on the road.

Posted by mervfrench on March 13, 2012

I was with Mike Fletcher today as he was filming a short piece for a local Perth company. The guy he filmed makes drum kits out of local timber that are used by drummers from some of the top bands in the world today. A world famous drummer is in this picture, great story but that’s for another time.

 Mike travels with a large  group of hands on assistants but only one is shown here as many of the others were setting up for the next shoot sequence. Coupled with lighting gear, sound equipment,  a van with full catering facilities and a green room, it is a sight to behold and it was a pleasure to be involved today.

Stay tuned to Mikes Vimeo as I’m sure this  shoot will be one to  keep an eye out for. 

11 Responses to “Michael Fletcher Productions on the road.”

  1. He He!! Catering van, green room, Lighting!!! I wish. At least I had someone with me who could start a chainsaw and close a gate on a farmers property.

    It was fun Merv. Thanks again for tagging along. Definitely coming out again for a shoot in your backyard. Make sure you have the kettle on.



  2. muzz said

    I’m not sure if you mean that guy who is currently playing with “Hitting Grandma With Sticks” or Phil Collins on the right, who seems to have eaten 1 too many vanilla slices recently.

  3. True North Mark said

    That sounds like a cool project Merv, but we might have to wait till he has come down from his last adventure before we see this one! 🙂

  4. Sean Stak said

    Getting around since last time I checked the blog Merv! good stuff. Jealous if there was some particularly good famous there! Was the company Brady drums? I think they’ve used Christians images in adverts, and even one of mine once!

  5. Love Mikes work.

  6. muzz said

    Congratulations – over 1 year since your last blog post!! How do you hold yourself back?

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