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Time to post something.

Posted by mervfrench on March 1, 2012

No , not fancy beach sunset with hideous clouds.  Just something of interest I saw this morning.

A guy cutting down a tree. Nothing too special about that I know.

Until you see where he was, and considering it was pretty windy and the tree was really swaying .  I think he’s got more courage than me !!

He was about 25 mts up and did a great job in trying conditions.

12 Responses to “Time to post something.”

  1. They earn their dollars those guys eh Merv..great to see you back mate!

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah iI think Friday night may have helped give me a little kick along Mark

      This guy earns every cent he makes. The tree was swinging around 4ft side to side and he just kept on going. And there was no cherry picker. He climbed the tree.

  2. Pete. said

    Well you won’t be needing a mark 3, where is the go pro video ?

  3. mattinman said

    Time to post, I should think about that!!! You wouldn’y get me up a tree, I get vertigo half way up a ladder. They’re highly skilled, there’s an art to lopping trees, especially in a strong easterly.

  4. peta said

    Yay, finally you posted…..yep and its interesting, you should have put the go pro on his helmet that would have been really cool.

  5. peta said

    That is funny because I got one for Xmas and guess what, it is still in the box, I reckon we should go out and trial them….

  6. mervfrench said

    I’ll let you know. we’ll sort it out at Flemmings night.

  7. Wow! Those are indeed very interesting shots.

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