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Off to Explore …..

Posted by mervfrench on August 20, 2010

We are going to Europe on Monday for a little while to have a look around.   I’m not taking 10 kg of camera gear as we are on holiday and want to enjoy things and travel light.   This is my full kit , the s90 and a Gorillapod.

Why, you ask, aren’t you taking decent gear. Well it’s quite simple.  I don’t want the hassle of looking after a heap of expensive gear while travelling, after all it is a holiday. Nothing worse than trying to look after a camera backpack and tripod while your touring the markets or relaxing in a cafe. This little ripper shoots RAW and is 10 mp with the features of it’s bigger SLR cousins. It’s more than big enough to do what we want to do with the images , which will most likely go into a photobook for ourselves.   The gorillapod is great to take anywhere and will be handy I’m sure, it has a ballhead  and  I made an L bracket  for the pano’s   🙂

C Ya Soon !!!

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Arrowtown Frost.

Posted by mervfrench on July 18, 2010

A shot of the Arrowtown golf course on a – 5 deg morning.

Arrowtown is approx  12 k’s from Queenstown in NZ.  We stayed in Arrowtown for a couple of days last week as Queenstown is full to the brim with partying skiers this time of the year .  On the day we arrived it was minus 12 deg and the days are around  + 5 to 9 deg but surprisingly not as cold as you’d think. I really wanted to see  a 12deg frost as it almost looks like a snow fall the ice is packed so much around things.

This was shot as we went for an early morning walk and was taken with the little Canon S90 compact camera.  It’s a 2 image stitch and has had almost nil treatment , I don’t think it needs any , this is how it looked at the time.

By the way ,that pond on the left is frozen solid.

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