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Red Sky in the Morning is a Windmills Warning

Posted by mervfrench on May 31, 2009



Well….you know …red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning.. anyway I couldn’t think of anything else to call it.

I had a bit of an early drive around this morning and came back with this one and a few others, this is one of the better ones.

That’s it there’s nothing more to say, I can’t write 3 pages of info like Flemming, short and sweet , thats me , apart from the beef stew recipe below of course!!!!!!.

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Posted by mervfrench on May 29, 2009



Caught this balloon floating around a few weeks ago.  I like the yellow on blue and the peaceful look of the whole thing. I’ve got quite a few shots of these balloons , I must go thru them and sort them out.

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Long Train Runnin……

Posted by mervfrench on May 21, 2009


An ore train on the way from Mt Newman Iron Ore Mine to the port of Pt Hedland .  When we drove down the rail track road last year there was one of these trains on the hour every hour. Approx 3kms long and with 2 engines up front 2 engines in the middle and 2 engines at the back they are an amazing site. We often tried counting the ore cars but always lost count somewhere around 250 270  so they probably have around 300.

Amazing to think that some of this ore will end up in maybe a car or a building somewhere on the other side of the world.

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Still on Ranges and Hills

Posted by mervfrench on May 20, 2009



North East of Newman on the Marble Bar Rd you’ll find these group of flat top hills . As we went through there it was mid afternoon so I stopped and grabbed a quick hand held pano of 6 shots and then kept going. Its good area to be going thru at the right time of day as you drive thru one group of these and its nice piece of the Pilbara area of North Western Australia.

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Sun on the Ranges

Posted by mervfrench on May 20, 2009



This was the sunset view of the ranges on the way to Durba Springs on the Canning Stock Route. 

The night here was so still and quite it was great.  The boulders that have broken away from the top of the ridge are almost the size of houses and you have to wonder what it would be like to see one fall. A great place to just sit back and relax, with a drink of course.

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The aforementioned beef stew.

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2009


Here it is.  I know you’ll all want to try this at home, but it won’t work , for some strange reason it only works when you are camping. 

 FIRST     Open a can of beer.

Ingredients:    Beef  ( any kind )

                         Vegetables  ( any kind )

                         1 packet French Onion Soup  ( any kind)

                         Beer   ( Approx 6 cans  any kind )

                          Seasoning to taste. ( any kind )


Method:      Open another  can of beer.

                       Get some coals from the main fire and set a small cooking fire.

                        Chop up the beef,  if you drop any in the dirt don’t worry just

                        brush it off and biff it in.

                       Add a bit of oil to your camp oven, not engine oil , cooking oil.

                        ( you must have a camp oven for this)

                      Throw in the beef , brown it a bit,then add a bit of water.

                      Open another can of beer.

                      Chop up the vegies and biff them in as well ( as above if you drop any )

                      Throw in the packet of French onion Soup

                      Add a bit of beer   ( open another one if you have drunk the first 3 )

                     Put the camp oven on a low coal fire ( see  picture for idea )

                     It needs to just tick over , sort of ..blup…blup….blup.

                     Open another can  and sit around the camp fire.

                     Keep an eye on the camp oven stirring every 2 cans or so.

                    Biff in a bit of  Gravox towards the end  ( any kind )

                    Season to taste.

                    Open another can,

 Serve with crusty bread ( it’s probably crusty by now cause you’ve been in the bush for 5 days), and wash it down with another beer.

 It will taste great by this stage , trust me. You’ll be that hungry you’ll eat anything.

Keep the left overs ( if any ) and it will be even better the next morning


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Desert Twilight.

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2009


A little bit further up the CSR last year  at our camp site. This was taken hand held and in landscape format, it’s easier that way  with a beer in one hand.

I’m  disappointed there wasn’t a little more sky in the shot but it was pretty bland sort of a sky that night, but the beer and the beef  and vegie stew more than made up for the  inadequate sunset and saved the night..

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Which way Mum….

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2009


I shot this on the Canning Stock Route ( look familiar Jamie )  last year with the 40d and Tamron 200-500 lens which I have since sold. It’s just one of those quick snaps that you remember places by.

I never seemed to get very good results from that lens and I’m sure the 5dmk2  I have now would really show up the flaws in it.  I might get back up this way later in the year as I love this type of country . A lot say there is nothing out there but to me it’s better than looking at St Georges Tce in the city.

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Up Close and Personal.

Posted by mervfrench on May 5, 2009





Not often you get close to these birds, they are rather cagey about things.  This one landed in a tree at the back of our house and I’d been hiding there for days waiting for him to come in and land. He waited till I took a couple of shots then moved on.

No… I know I didn’t fool you with that  story ….here’s the true story.

We were at a show and a bird handler had him on display. He was very quite as you can see and a great sight to get up close to and have a good look. I love how majestic these birds are and If I come back as a bird I want to come back as one of these. A lot of our neighbours have shot these birds over the years as they have a reputation as killers of new born lambs, fox’s do more damage than these will ever do.  I’ve never seen one attack a new born lamb and I’ve never fired a shot  at one, but I’ve spent some time just watching them glide around the sky.

Pretty hard to get a good snap  with a lot of people hanging around him , this is the best I managed.







This was his little mate , he looked like he just wanted to go home.. He didn’t get much attention as the big fella hogged the lime light.

I felt sorry for him so I snapped him as well and now he gets his 15min of fame.

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Would you like to fly…..

Posted by mervfrench on May 1, 2009



I found this while looking thru some old shots.  If you ever get the chance , take a ride in a hot air balloon, it’s great fun, worth the time effort and money. I’ve been up 5 or 6 times as they fly in our area and they use to land on our farm  so we were shouted a free ride every year as a thank you for providing a landing area.

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