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Posted by mervfrench on August 15, 2010

Spotted this rig parked in town the other day so I had to have a closer look. For some reason, known only to the owners, they had covered the van in old newspapers from the 1950’s, quite unique you’ve got to admit.

What can happen when you cover your van in old newspapers from the 50’s is old guys from the 50’s stop and start reading  the side of your caravan.  This guy was telling me all about the old pictures of the footy and the price of cars,washing machines, radios, and he even knew one of the girls that was pictured on the social page ……. classic eh !!!!!!

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Posted by mervfrench on August 8, 2010

The South African contingent  in the Avon Descent.  As they were coming towards me they were in perfect time as their paddles hit the water, like marching soldiers. It looked very cool.

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Frozen Lamb.

Posted by mervfrench on August 6, 2010

Another shot from a cold (-6) frosty morning  in Arrowtown NZ.  These sheep were trying hard to get a little to eat and waiting patiently  for the warm sun to take effect.

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Lake Hayes.

Posted by mervfrench on July 20, 2010

Lake Hayes is just out of Arrowtown on the way to Queenstown NZ.  It’s a picture perfect area with  some very nice houses lining the shores.  This was shot  around midday and is a hand held 6 image stitch with the 5d2 and 24-70 2.8.

I pulled up on the side of the road and  quickly fired off  the shots and went on my way hoping I ended up with something half decent. I have several other images of the lake  from our last trip there in April but the colour of the trees here is much better.

Click to enlarge for a better view .

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Augusta Rocks…….

Posted by mervfrench on March 13, 2010

…. yes it probably does on a Saturday night in summer , but I haven’t been there when its going off.  Augusta’s a great little place for a few days camping and there’s plenty to see if you look around.

This shot is out by the water wheel taken middle of the day with the 10 stop filter.

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Another angle.

Posted by mervfrench on February 15, 2010

Another shot of the burnt out bush around Toodyay . The regrowth on the Black Boys clearly showing again.

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The Cathedral Door or is it ?

Posted by mervfrench on February 10, 2010

The front door of the cathedral or is it  a church ( come on you guys from Albany , help me here.) in Yorke St Albany.

I’m not really into B&W stuff but I was playing with Nik Silver Efex  here to see if I could come up with anything.

Anyway I’ve been  pressured into posting something.  🙂

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Greens Pool No 2.

Posted by mervfrench on February 5, 2010

Another angle of Greens Pool Denmark .

I think I like this one a bit better , I like the pastel colours on this one.

I really need to sort out  frames and borders in PS

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Wreath Flower…… ants eye view. UPDATE … birds eye view !!!

Posted by mervfrench on October 7, 2009

I know you really need to look at these from above to appreciate  how this unique plant  gets it’s name but I found this shot amongst some others and thought I’d show another perspective  to it.

I suppose this is the view the ants get.

This was taken north of Kalannie


As some of you may not know what the Wreath Flower actually looks like  I’ve included this shot.

They are a rather unique plant.


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“Are we having any fun yet”

Posted by mervfrench on August 8, 2009

A few shots from last weeks Avon Decent, looks like everyone is having a ball…not.

The water level was a bit lower this year compared to the last couple with last year being at almost record highs.

The Channel 7 heli pilot got into the spirit of things when he took off from next to us.  He must have pulled and twisted every handle he had hold of , that’s a technical term for the laymen amongst you. When he went  he really went up up away  as fast as I’ve seen a chopper get up and go.

This event could be just the thing for international man of mystery and adventure  Mark Stothard.









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