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Walpole …..

Posted by mervfrench on January 29, 2010

This shot was taken  from the town jetty at Walpole on a recent January evening . Walpole  is a great little town and we stayed in a nice  B&B  overlooking this inlet as a break from the camper .  When I woke the next morning at first light and looked out of the window there was a nice mist over the water and surrounding hills.

Did  I jump out and race off to get a great shot of the misting morning ….. no I pulled the doona up and went back to sleep.  Not too often where we live do we get the chance to pull up a doona in January and I wasn’t going to miss the chance.

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Oz Day on True North…. my view

Posted by mervfrench on January 27, 2010

As everyone there on the day already knows and for those of you not there on the day , it all went off well.  If you were there and didn’t enjoy it then you wouldn’t be happy in heaven.

Here’s a couple of happy snaps from the day. I’m sure we will be inundated with similar shots.

These are all taken with the G9

Mark Stothard kicked off the day with fishing stories from the Kimberleys. Apparently  this was the size of the last Barra he caught up there ,   most people started to doze off.

Christian then gave a demo on how to wave to your adoring public when you become a famous photographer , watched by Mark , Mike Fletcher and Tony Hewitt . For those of us still awake after the fishing story  it was very enlightening.

Tony Hewitt  woke the crowd from their  slumber and kept everyone interested in his presentation , great job Tony.

Mike Fletcher  at work getting footage of Glen Cowan’s  presentation on underwater photography. Glen filled the room with guys when someone said it was underwear photography . This was a crowd favourite . ( Glen not Mike )

Three of the fabulous crew on board TN . They looked after our every need and whim , although keeping up with Muzz’s whims and needs was a job and then some.

The very charismatic Nick Rains held the audience in the palm of his hand with his demonstration of the mating dance of the PNG Cassowary  .

Christian Fletcher  pressuring a non believer in the audience into believing that luminosity masks ARE really good things.  What’s more important here , is the  flash bounce that I achieved from Craig Chiswells  bare nut was almost perfect for the size of the room. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Heading for Rotto on a TN tender with another of the great crew , sure not quite as good  looking as the girls but a great guy none the less.

Probably the star of the day  the one and only  TRUE NORTH.

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Peaceful Bay …. sure is.

Posted by mervfrench on January 24, 2010

We went into Peaceful Bay on the South Coast while we were away  , I’ve never been there before.

I’ve got to say I was really impressed , it would be a nice spot for a couple of days break , I could even be tempted to dust off the old fishing rod and give it a flick here I’d say.

We only dropped in for a couple of hours but while we were there we drove along the beach for about 10 k’s and it was great. Certainly marked down for a revisit thats for sure .

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Posted by mervfrench on January 19, 2010

…… or was that the 60’s , anyway if you do remember then you weren’t really there as the saying goes.

If you don’t know what I’m on about , go ask your father or that crazy uncle that nobody wants to talk about , he’ll know. !!!!

Something a little different , yeah I know it’s been done before but anyway I  tried this  and I like it , and I didn’t inhale as I took the shot     🙂


MUZZA , don’t stare at this too long  or the past will all come back to you.


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The Things You See ……..

Posted by mervfrench on January 18, 2010

Couldn’t resist buying this when I saw it down south.  Must be the ” REAL AUSSIE MEAT PIE ” , they don’t come more Australian than this.

Now there’s a couple of problems here that they will have to work on. Poor old Tassie has been  left off again and Lake Ayre  the lowest point in Australia is too  far to the  north and west ,  presuming of course that the dark hole by the WA NT  border is meant to be Lake Ayre.

For the record it wasn’t much of a pie unfortunately , promised lots delivered little . I managed to get thru WA which was very hot and SA which was  quite dry  but had to leave the eastern states as they went a bit soggy .  A bit to real maybe !!!!

Get your own piece of Australian pie at the Siesta Park Service station next time you go past.

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Hello Blog World … We’re Back

Posted by mervfrench on January 16, 2010

Back from a break away , well we came back  a few days ago but this is the first chance I’ve had to post anything.

We went down south around Albany ,  Denmark , Walpole , Augusta , Busselton etc ( no one else went that way ) then a few days in Perth City .

This shot is at Madfish Bay out of Denmark . Shot this at midday trying out the new 10 stop Singh-Ray Duo filter for the first time , this is a 8 image shot with a 15 sec exposure. The long exposure took all the chop out of the water.

I cloned out a couple of beach goer’s that were moving all over the place but the rest is as it was , a nice quite beach on a nice sunny day.

Now this is up I can see some banding in the sky ,I’ll have to have a look at that , any suggestions as to the best way to get rid of it ?

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