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The aforementioned beef stew.

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2009


Here it is.  I know you’ll all want to try this at home, but it won’t work , for some strange reason it only works when you are camping. 

 FIRST     Open a can of beer.

Ingredients:    Beef  ( any kind )

                         Vegetables  ( any kind )

                         1 packet French Onion Soup  ( any kind)

                         Beer   ( Approx 6 cans  any kind )

                          Seasoning to taste. ( any kind )


Method:      Open another  can of beer.

                       Get some coals from the main fire and set a small cooking fire.

                        Chop up the beef,  if you drop any in the dirt don’t worry just

                        brush it off and biff it in.

                       Add a bit of oil to your camp oven, not engine oil , cooking oil.

                        ( you must have a camp oven for this)

                      Throw in the beef , brown it a bit,then add a bit of water.

                      Open another can of beer.

                      Chop up the vegies and biff them in as well ( as above if you drop any )

                      Throw in the packet of French onion Soup

                      Add a bit of beer   ( open another one if you have drunk the first 3 )

                     Put the camp oven on a low coal fire ( see  picture for idea )

                     It needs to just tick over , sort of ..blup…blup….blup.

                     Open another can  and sit around the camp fire.

                     Keep an eye on the camp oven stirring every 2 cans or so.

                    Biff in a bit of  Gravox towards the end  ( any kind )

                    Season to taste.

                    Open another can,

 Serve with crusty bread ( it’s probably crusty by now cause you’ve been in the bush for 5 days), and wash it down with another beer.

 It will taste great by this stage , trust me. You’ll be that hungry you’ll eat anything.

Keep the left overs ( if any ) and it will be even better the next morning


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Not Karijini, but out there!!!

Posted by mervfrench on April 3, 2009



I haven’t had a chance to get out much lately, so as most seem to be fired up about the Karijini work shop next year I thought I would show you what we like to do when we get ” out there” and how we get around when we are “out  there”. The camper is a slide on slide off type leaving the ute tray free when not in use. It has a queen size bed and a full kitchen and fridge etc and yes we have a shower as you can see. We can also take the camper off when we are away as it is on wind up legs, it can be left set up by itself ( looks like the lunar module ) and we can go off in the vehicle if we want to. 

There’s nothing better than a couple of weeks away where there is know one else in site….ahhhh, can’t you just hear  the serenity.

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