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Everlasting Macro.

Posted by mervfrench on August 30, 2011

Whether this will be an ever lasting macro …. well only time will tell …. it will probably end up in the trash.

This is more of a close up than a macro in the true sense of the word.

This was hard to get as a very gentle  breeze  kept moving the flower every time  I went  to press the button.

The depth of field is so shallow you can see the bottom is out of focus.

This is hand held , no tripod, a recipe for failure in macro shooting. Taking that into account this one has almost worked.

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Sea of Pink

Posted by mervfrench on August 29, 2011

Another shot from the Paynes Find area.

These are the good old Everlastings.

I wanted to focus stack this one but it was just too breezy and they were waving all over the place.



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Wild Flowers.

Posted by mervfrench on August 28, 2011

I went for a run out to Paynes Find this weekend. Apparently Mark and Neil were out there as well, we probably missed running into each other by not very much.

The country is alive with wildflowers this year and worth the visit to have a look. You don’t have to go as far as Paynes Find for flowers though as they will be prominent close to Perth over the coming weeks.

This was taken on the road to Thundelarra north of Paynes find.

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A couple from last week.

Posted by mervfrench on August 26, 2011

A few of us went out for a bit of a run out to Meekatharra , east to  Sandstone  and Wiluna and back home through Kalgoorlie last week. I didn’t get a lot of shots as I didn’t see much that took my eye.  

Here’s something that did catch my eye though  around Leinster.















But this is what it’s all about. A few mates a couple of beers and a fire.  We trundled through the bush most of the way and we always try to stay off the roads as much as possible.


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The Angry Mob.

Posted by mervfrench on August 18, 2011

Not sure why really but I like this shot.  I think its the mean look they are giving.

It would look good blown up on the wall of a steak house.  🙂
























This one is much more friendly looking. 


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This is the Balloon , this is the River, this is the Morning.

Posted by mervfrench on August 17, 2011

Here is the shot down the river  of the balloon on Avon Descent morning.

Quite a pleasant sight  I think.



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Water Balloon

Posted by mervfrench on August 15, 2011

I spotted this when we were on the bridge in Northam on the morning of the Avon Descent. The Balloons usually lift off somewhere close to town and drift over the river before the start of the race.

The reflection of this balloon in the water really caught my eye.




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Desert Blooms

Posted by mervfrench on August 14, 2011

This was shot in the Sandy Desert a couple of years ago.  I was going through some folders today and this caught my eye.

It is in stark contrast to the lush Canola and Wheat crops in the wheatbelt this year.



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Pretty as a picture.

Posted by mervfrench on August 13, 2011

Another shot from yesterday.  As I said in the last post the Avon Valley is looking  fantastic at the moment .

 I could look out the window at something like this all year round I think. 



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The Canola is starting to flower.

Posted by mervfrench on August 12, 2011

Out and about today and the Canola is really starting to come out.  The next 3 weeks or so and it will be hitting full throttle with the flowers.





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