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Two Questions Here……

Posted by mervfrench on February 28, 2010

No 1:   Does anybody know where this is shot, there are a couple of guys on here that should know .

No 2 :  This is for the tech heads. With a shot like this which has a lot of straight edges and you see this with wires as well , how can you stop  those jagged rough edges. I’ve tried sharpening , less sharpening and no sharpening at all and it’s always the same. I suspect its a resizing thing but not sure if there’s a fix to the problem .  Any suggestions?

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In the Quokka in the Quokka ……..

Posted by mervfrench on February 24, 2010

……. no , not in the paper , in this real live quokka.   I shot this on Aussie day when we were wandering around the island , ok I was on the way to the pub.

There was a joey ( if that’s what they are called ) in the pouch wriggling around, you can see it’s legs ,  and I laid  on the ground for 5 minutes waiting for it to come out,  but it wouldn’t.  These little guys are remarkably friendly and she ( the mother and the star of this shot ) made no attempt to get away and wasn’t bothered by the whole thing.

This was my entry in the Rotto photo comp but alas it never made the cut.  ( would have picked up a swag of votes I reckon, I would have voted for it myself 50 times )     🙂

Taken with the Canon G9

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Another angle.

Posted by mervfrench on February 15, 2010

Another shot of the burnt out bush around Toodyay . The regrowth on the Black Boys clearly showing again.

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Coming Back.

Posted by mervfrench on February 14, 2010

I went over to Toodyay last night to find something to shoot and ended up in the bush that was burnt in the recent fires.  38 house’s were burnt and its a miracle that no lives were lost in a fire that was on a windy 46 deg day and 5000 hectares burnt out.

I shot quite a few different angles and views but this one caught my eye with the drops of ash around the base from the foliage above burning off. i was there a few weeks ago and the regrowth on these black boys is amazing , they were burnt bare in a fire only  6 weeks ago.

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Elephant Rocks.

Posted by mervfrench on February 11, 2010

Another little  secret location that not many have seen.  🙂

Just next to Greens Pool at William Bay is Elephant rocks on the south coast near Denmark . I’ve been to this spot a couple of times before but never with the camera gear I have now. This was shot in the middle of the day with the 10 stop Singh-Ray  Duo filter and is a 3 second exposure.

There were quite a few people around so it was hard to get a shot without kids running around , a bit frustrating for me but good fun for them.

There was  a bit more foreground in this shot but I had to crop it out as the small waves wouldn’t line up at all with a 3 sec exposure. I could probably make it work but I couldn’t be bothered taking the trouble to do it this time .

The south coast has a lot to offer photographers and I intend to get down there again as soon as I can.

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The Cathedral Door or is it ?

Posted by mervfrench on February 10, 2010

The front door of the cathedral or is it  a church ( come on you guys from Albany , help me here.) in Yorke St Albany.

I’m not really into B&W stuff but I was playing with Nik Silver Efex  here to see if I could come up with anything.

Anyway I’ve been  pressured into posting something.  🙂

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Greens Pool No 2.

Posted by mervfrench on February 5, 2010

Another angle of Greens Pool Denmark .

I think I like this one a bit better , I like the pastel colours on this one.

I really need to sort out  frames and borders in PS

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Greens Pool Denmark

Posted by mervfrench on February 3, 2010

I went to Green Pool one night while we were away ,  with Pete Hodgson. We met up in Denmark on New Years Eve , left the women with a bottle of vino and went out to William Bay , said we wouldn’t be long and came back 3 hrs later. You know how it is, time just gets away.

I’m sure we are the only one’s who went there over the holidays and I don’t think this place has ever been photographed before …… yeah right.

I have quite a few different shots of the place and this is one of them. I used the 10 stop vari on this one.

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The Zoo …. flavour of the month.

Posted by mervfrench on February 1, 2010

When we went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago we didn’t see much at all , just a Lions tail and a couple of turtles mating and this bloke.

Not a cracker shot this but I put it up because I don’t know if any of you know Pete Hodgson .. but …………..

One All  !!!!!

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