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I know, you don’t have to tell me…..

Posted by mervfrench on March 19, 2009



 I’ve shot a couple of weddings lately ( hey it helps pay for gear ok ) and to say it is an enjoyable experience is debatable as I’m sure some of you know only too well.  I’ve done a few family gigs in the past and they have been ok  but when it’s for other’s the pressure is on. You only get one chance and it’s not there tomorrow to go back and shot it again.

Having said that I’d most likely do it again if asked because there is some satisfaction in it all if you discount the blood sweat and tears.


This is one that I like , after a little play around with it, and the couple think that it is great so smile’s all round……phew!!!!

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Posted by mervfrench on March 6, 2009

Merv French is pleased to announce the safe arrival of little Canon 5d mk2 on the  5/3/2009 weighing  810grms

A brother for Canon 40d.  We would like to thank the Canon Company for their assistance.

A big thanks to the Doctors and Nurses at Camera Electronic’s Stirling St clinic for their care and attention.

Father is over the moon, Mother not impressed ( she wanted a new fridge).

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Farmland with Sheep

Posted by mervfrench on March 3, 2009

sheep-After having a look at Neil’s latest I thought I’d throw this one up with sheep in it , as that seems to be the prerequisite  to a farmland scene according to some. Not sure why because beach shots don’t seem to need fish in the scene.

 Anyway  Fletch seems to have this thing about  sheep and lambs so maybe this is one he will approve of. Could it be that he has Kiwi blood in him somewhere along the line Hmmmm ?

Canon 40d   24-70 @ 50   8 image stitch

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