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Hamburger Heaven

Posted by mervfrench on February 19, 2009


I snapped this shot at 7.30 tonight driving past  Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford, ( a drive by shooting) the place was goin off!!!   If the time is right we often stop here for something to eat on the way home and it is always busy. Not hard to see why,  it is a bit of a legend place and the food is pretty damn good.  I’m sure if the golden arches were to build over the road this place would still drag in the punters , which in my opinion is a bloody good thing, stuff the golden arches. I saw a story in the West earlier this week that these place’s are coming back in a big way and it’s certainly true here, although I don’t think this one  ever  went away. If you are ever coming back thru Guildford after a night out taking a few pics or whatever out that way , then do yourself a favour and call in , I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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From the Ocean to the Desert

Posted by mervfrench on February 18, 2009


Desert Sunrise

Desert Sunrise


From the beautiful Cottesloe beach and the waves of Yallinup , to the desert , 300 km east of Kalgoorlie.  No fancy Photoshop here, this 100% mother nature  in the raw, as it should be with a sunrise like this IMHO.

Hard to say which I like best. While I can happily sit and daydream at the beach my heart is in the bush, mainly because out here, you have it all to yourself. No noise, no lights no cars, …NO NUTHIN….just tranquility…ahhhh can’t you just feel the tranquility.   ” Take me home country road…………

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Wave Dreaming

Posted by mervfrench on February 14, 2009

wave3I was sitting on the rocks at Yallinup one morning a few long weeks ago, seems like last year though, just daydreaming and taking it all in. I grabbed a quick shot of this wave just for fun. It’s nothing special but whenever I look at it,  particularly when it’s hot, it takes me back there and I wish I was just sitting there again on the rocks just daydreaming away the time.

So this is Wave Dreaming and not Hawk Dreaming  Flemming.

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About Time…..

Posted by mervfrench on February 6, 2009


Summer at CottesloeYes all 2 of you have been hanging out for another picture so here it is. This was taken at Cottesloe Beach a couple of weeks ago.

This beach  is a favourite  of mine and one we  visit when ever we can, in fact the family had holidays here for many years when I was a young whipper snapper. This is probably a calendar type shot with little processing  but it shows the beach as it is and as I like to remember it.

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