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Mindarie Marina Evening

Posted by mervfrench on November 29, 2009

We  were up at  Mindarie for a wedding last week and I ducked out of the reception  and grabbed a quick shot of the marina.

Nothing special , but I didn’t have anything else to put up so here it is.



You could easily spend a bit of time around the marina and get some nice shots, even if it is 3/4 of the way to Geraldton.

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Harvest is on !!!

Posted by mervfrench on November 23, 2009

Harvest is starting to really get going this week now that the weather has started to do the right thing.

This is Canola being harvested.

Canola turns from a nice bright yellow flower that looks sensational in spring  into a tangled prickly dry plant at harvest time.

You wouldn’t drive a vehicle thru the stubble after it is harvested as you could easily puncture a tyre.

More harvest shots to come as things hot up abit.





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Real Photographer’s Beer.

Posted by mervfrench on November 18, 2009

This is the beer for real shooters and it’s good for the environment, nothing artificial , that’s got to be good.

Shoot RAW drink RAW

This was a 4 image stitch and the 2nd  beer.

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WW1 Fuel Tanks

Posted by mervfrench on November 18, 2009

This is a quick shot taken a couple of nights ago for Jamie. He was asking me at the pizza night  ( wasn’t that along while ago now )  did I know anything about some old war fuel storage tanks around Northam . Well this is what they are and they are on the side of the road on the way to Muresk College on the south of town about 4 km’s from Northam

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A Few From Fri. Night.

Posted by mervfrench on November 9, 2009

Here’s a couple of shots from the worlds biggest photography pizza night supplied by Ben from Team Digital .

Taken on his G11 by myself and Pete Hodgson.

As you can see Ben , the portraiture workshop last week  really paid off for both of us 🙂

You can see Fletch and Ben sort of hogged the show a bit.Fri-night1Ben Walton, Team Digital, left, and Christian Fletcher  ” Our pizza’s are big and they’re cheesy ”

Fri-night2 Ben” the tosser” Walton  . This one didn’t touch the floor, but he had to wait till it came off the roof

Fri-night4L-R   Merv French , Ben , Fletch

Fri-night5L-R    Stephen Williams , Mike Fletcher , Jamie Paterson  and  iTNFP.

Fri-night7 Mark ” The gun pizza cook ” Stothard  inserting another one into the fire.


” This is my 4 th pizza, I’m going to bust out of this unreal shirt like Superman soon.”

It was a good fun night .

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You gotta See This …….

Posted by mervfrench on November 8, 2009

When Mark approached me on Friday night at the pizza party with a little plastic bag that had  green seeds in it I thought  ” Hey , you’ve got the wrong guy ”

Nah just joking.

Mark had told me he had the MOET et CHANDON of green teas and was giving me some to try.

Well you have to see what happens here . Put a couple of seeds in a cup and pour on hot water.


Nothing to special here . BUT .. wait a few minutes and …WOW..  this is what happens  they open up like a Lotus Flower , quite  SPECTACULAR.



Not sure where they are grown , probably on the  west side of a gentle Tibetan slope and picked by only Monks that were born in the year of 1946 , Mark will have to fill us in here.

I must say the tea is a very nice tasting Green tea , not like the common garden variety.

Thanks Mark for the  tea it’s great, and a real conversation piece.

It really is the MOET et CHANDON of Green Tea

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