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About Merv French.

Merv French is a self taught ( I know its hard to believe but it’s true ) photographer living in the wheatbelt area of Western Australia ( the big bit on the left hand side of Australia). ” I just enjoy taking picture’s” he said in a recent interview with RALPH MAG * .  Some of his pictures have been printed in newspapers around Australia and overseas  ( that bit really is true ) and he has had photographs published in national magazines ( yes that bit is true as well ) and rarely is ever without a camera close by. Coming from a farm, country images are what he  like’s most.  In another life he has been a shearer, a machinery salesman, truck driver,  and was once runner up in  the scone cooking competition at the local agricultural show, shattered by this experience he has not cooked scones since.

His photography idol is Christian Fletcher, also a self taught photographer from the SW of Western Australia. “We have so much in common it is uncanny” said Merv ” We both have similar styles and techniques and are successful in our own right”,

When asked for a comment Christian Fletcher remarked Who”.

This blog is all about fun and is not to be taken seriously….enjoy.

*  Ralph Magazetti is the guy next door.

All images on this site are the property of Merv French and Merv French Photography and are copyright . They  may not be used or reproduced in anyway without the owners permission.

I can be contacted at

25 Responses to “About Merv French.”

  1. Very cool read 🙂

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks Neil, thanks for the visit. My stats are climbing at the rate of 2-3 a day , way past my wildest expectations.

  3. John Willett said

    It seems that Christian Fletcher has to keep going away to take new shots since Merv has been on the horizon… well done on adding some real competition to the state of the art photography !

  4. mervfrench said

    Yep …Fletch is shaking in his boots, he always knew the day would come!!!!!

  5. truenorthmark said

    Hi Merv,

    I have just updated that link on my blog to take you straight to the PDF on our website that shows where the Lousiaides and Alotau are.

    Thanks for visiting again Merv!



  6. danproud said

    haha great reading Merv!

  7. Hey Merv, so are you still living in the Wheatbelt??
    And yeah, good little laugh on here….must be that country sense of humour, where you can laugh at yourself without hesitation!!

  8. mervfrench said

    Yep still in the wheatbelt Jamie , still live in Northam for now.

  9. truenorthmark said

    You are a funny guy mate…a good summary of the Merv we know!

  10. truenorthmark said

    Hey why isn’t your site showing our photo handles!

  11. truenorthmark said

    Try contacting support….I did that once when I was stumped and they were pretty good!

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah I might.

      I’ve thrown a couple of questions on the help forum at different times and bingo an answer from anywhere in the world in minutes.

      WordPress really is a great site when you think what you can do with it , and its free , amazing stuff.

  12. truenorthmark said

    For sure Merv…fantastic site considering all the hours of enjoyment we are all getting out of it. I think I read somewhere that last month there was something like 220,000,000 hits on all the blogs in WordPress!

    That is one powerfull networking machine goin on there!

    My marketing guy at True North says that recent marketing seminars he has been to have suggested that social media is going to be the new powerhouse in how to market anything in the future and if you are not with it…you will be left behind!

    I had a marketing guy from Tourism WA drop by my site with a comment that teh way Christian and I have combined our marketing through the blogs etc is a shining light of how businesses need to market themselves in the future!

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah, gotta agree with all of that , although I just don’t get twitter…..yet.

      I see no usefull purpose in telling everyone what you are doing every second of the day, or that you have just brushed your teeth.

      Maybe I’m just not with it yet. 🙂

  13. truenorthmark said

    I am totally with you there Merv!

    But I reckon we are showing our age eh! This new Y generation are different eh and they are the ones that get the Twitter gig…it is so them!

    I don’t reckon shops will survive for much longer once we are gone as the Y generation simply do everything on the net!

  14. muzz said

    Hey, has Ralph got a blog?

  15. Had I know how funny, and more talented than Christian you are, I would have asked for your autograph on Sunday!! Great work!

  16. John Willett said

    Hey old boy – havent seen you in a while – need to catchup and share some photos – loved some of your shots shared on the site. Will need to talk about Europe some time. Like a good wine you’re getting baetter with age!!
    John Willett

  17. muzz said

    Hey didn’t this used to be a blog??? 😉

  18. mervfrench said

    Once upon a time I think it was……… watch this space though. I must report that Ralph unfortunately has passed on…. it won’t be the same without him.

  19. muzz said

    1 year anniversary of your last post on March 13 – I’m hoping for something BIG! Maybe with a tractor.

  20. muzz said

    It’s been a while……

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