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Boulders in B&W

Posted by mervfrench on June 2, 2010

Not sure I’m wrapped in it but here it is anyway , so many ways to do this, more than a thousand I’d say !!!    🙂

What do you think ??

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Moeraki Boulders NZ

Posted by mervfrench on June 1, 2010

These are the much photographed Moeraki Boulders  north of Dunedin on the east coast of NZ.  These are photographed as much as Sugar Loaf rock is photographed here in W.A.  I was expecting a bit  more of these as there are shots of them in all the books and on all the postcards but alas they were a little disappointing I thought , but unique just the same.

I was expecting them to be a little larger than they were but the largest of them are no more than shoulder height and I thought there would be more of them but they are just a small group on about 50 metres of beach  with a few more out of  frame here.   This was in the shot middle of the day with the 10 stop on and its a 4 image  pano.  Trying to get a shot without a person in it was rather hard as a tourist bus arrived the same time as we did so it was a waiting game. I was told that at different times of the year , depending on the season, the sand is washed away and they are more exposed.  The halo on the middle rock is not a halo as such but the sun shining on the wet side of the rock.

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