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Altered Landscapes….. The last word.

Posted by mervfrench on January 30, 2011


































” A stunning and powerful image that captures the very essence of the modern and wasteful society that is modern society as we currently know it.

This image will be the benchmark that others aspire to ” ….  Jane  Sumner -Vaughn,  Curator London Fine Art Museum.

“What a remarkable image from such a remarkable photographer” …..  Dr  Rudolf  Robiniwitzs,   New York  Collage of Fine Arts.

” This is a collectors piece, priceless ” ……   Albert J Frankinhiem,    World Art Collectors Magazine .

” Hey man thats so sixties, I want it ” …….  Keith Richards  Rolling Stones.

” What the Fu** ”  …..   Peter Lik.

” Bastard” …..  Christian Fletcher.

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