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Marble Bar Going to Sleep.

Posted by mervfrench on October 25, 2009

After seeing a pano on Flemming’s blog of Marble Bar it reminded me of this shot that I took there last year.As Flemming explained nothing much happens in Marble Bar ,  it’s a pretty laid back place , but there is plenty to see if you know where to look.

I went up to the lookout on  this evening and decided to try something different . I took  these shots spread over about 10 min or something like that and PTGUI stitched and blended them fairly well I’d say. It was very warm and still so I guess thats why there is little or no cloud movement .

It’s something a little out if the ordinary and I flicked  it off to Flemming in an email just to show him my take on Marble Bar , he encouraged me to post it ,  so here it is.

One good thing at Marble Bar , the beers cold at the pub.


You can see  Flemmings take on the same view  here

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