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Sun Surf Sand ( Arty Stuff )

Posted by mervfrench on July 4, 2009


I  took this shot a few weeks ago at Cottesloe  on the night of the lightning shot and I also  lost my car keys ( see post below ). 

I’ve copied the idea from Jamie Patterson , sorry Jamie its not quite up to your standard, anyway I was just playing around and came up with a few of these. Now this is nothing special in fact it’s not much at all but I think the idea has some merit and it’s something I’ll try again one day.

I’m sure if this was done by an artist with a name it would get rave reviews and sell for $25000. I don’t have a famous name or reputation yet so get in on the ground floor and buy this one off print for $10000 and then sit back and watch your investment grow as my name gets more well known.

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