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In the Quokka in the Quokka ……..

Posted by mervfrench on February 24, 2010

……. no , not in the paper , in this real live quokka.   I shot this on Aussie day when we were wandering around the island , ok I was on the way to the pub.

There was a joey ( if that’s what they are called ) in the pouch wriggling around, you can see it’s legs ,  and I laid  on the ground for 5 minutes waiting for it to come out,  but it wouldn’t.  These little guys are remarkably friendly and she ( the mother and the star of this shot ) made no attempt to get away and wasn’t bothered by the whole thing.

This was my entry in the Rotto photo comp but alas it never made the cut.  ( would have picked up a swag of votes I reckon, I would have voted for it myself 50 times )     🙂

Taken with the Canon G9

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