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Posted by mervfrench on January 30, 2011

We had a little dust storm and a bit of a blow yesterday in Northam and surrounds. Nothing really to do with Bianca but she probably set up a couple of conditions that triggered it.

We were  without power for 22 hrs and it came back on this afternoon. I checked the radar and the BOM warnings so knew this was on it’s way but it was travelling at 90 km hr so it hit fairly quickly.

Lot of damaged around Northam and York and surrounds , roofs off, trees down, power lines down etc.

The thing that really got me was within minutes of it hitting we had a complete black out of the sun and I mean COMPLETE …. it went dark like midnight and it was amazing.

We had no damage at our place except a couple of  branches down.  I spent the morning at  Hodgy’s helping him shift a rather large pine tree that came down in his yard and took out his patio ( he wanted a new one anyway !! ). He has a few shots of that that he’ll put up I’m sure.

Here’s a couple of shots and the last one is genuine , it really was that dark !!!

All these are straight from the camera no  adjustment at all.

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