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Inside the cab.

Posted by mervfrench on November 18, 2011

For those of you interested , which is probably  no one, this is inside the cab of the new  John Deere  S680 harvester.  The beast is pictured in the previous post.

The dealer has taken the header on to another farm for a demo so we are back to 4 headers now.  It’s surprising the amount of extra work you get done with one  extra machine.

It was a damp day today after a shower of rain last night so no work today.



27 Responses to “Inside the cab.”

  1. Your just a big kid Merv!:)

  2. Jamie Nicolaou said

    New farm machinery almost gives farmers a woody!!! Nothing like real boys toys!!!

  3. Peta said

    Well I’m not a bloke and I would love to get a ride on one of those. They look so cool lined up. What speed do they go when cutting.

  4. bethanyrow said

    Looks like a “SET AND FORGET” ride. Wake up when its all over.

  5. Very cool cockpit of the spaceship Merv – it is remarkable how hi-tech these machines are nowadays compared to my youth 30 eons ago. My brother is a farm equipment mechanic and very good, he routinely fixes harvesters etc. and first thing he does is plug in the laptop to run diagnostic – let the spaceship tell him where it hurts. Fascinating.

    Will email you a shot of a John Deere from Argentina – I think this is where all old cars and tractors go to live. Never have I seen such old equipment still running.

  6. ianwiese said

    Whats next? Probably a communications link from the cockpit back to an office in St Georges Tce from which they actually drive these things. Sorry Merv – on site farming is becoming a thing of the past. All made possible by the NBN!

    • mervfrench said

      Rio have driverless trains and haulpaks , so its not far a way.

      These headers almost drive themselves. The autosteer is much more accurate than anyone driving it by hand, and a lot less tiring.

  7. Eden said

    Neat shot 🙂

  8. Do they have that ‘new car’ smell 🙂

  9. firasz said

    It’s really a beast! Great shots 🙂

  10. Donelle Gunson said

    Sweet Ride there Merv!! Gotta love a Johnny!!!!

  11. You’re just a big kid Merv! 🙂

  12. Tony Middleton said

    Space age !
    I always enjoy your take on rural life in WA mate.

  13. mattinman said

    The theme to ‘Star Trek’ & ‘Star Wars’ come to mind. Nice harvester Merv.

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