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Take That !!!

Posted by mervfrench on October 27, 2011

One from the Royal Show a couple of weeks ago. The show offers some great photo opportunities and is a good fun day out.

I went along twice and shot a lot of images that I’m yet to sort through.  You know what it’s like  …. it all takes time.


7 Responses to “Take That !!!”

  1. Nice action shot Mr merv….like the little chips of wood flying away.

  2. Kheng said

    The wood chopper’s face is as red as the flying wood 🙂

  3. Great action shot Merv. The juxtaposition between chopping a tree and the recycling message in the background was quite a catch 😉

  4. muzz said

    I noticed the bin but didn’t want to hurt your feelings by pointing out that it is out of focus and some idiot chopping wood got in the way of an otherwise thoroughly modern urban landscape image 😉

  5. firasz said

    Amazing portray of power in this shot! Great!

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