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Hard Work.

Posted by mervfrench on October 27, 2011

Another one from the Royal Show.  This was at the shearing competition, something that I love to watch.  I used to shear sheep in a former life so I appreciate the skill and hard work involved.  

We used to call ourselves  ” manuel fibre removers “

There’s nothing much more Australian than sheep shearing.



5 Responses to “Hard Work.”

  1. hodgy1 said

    You will have to show me how you used to shear sometime, Did you wear a top gun belt as well ?

  2. ianwiese said

    I had an uncle who was a reasonable shearer. Once when he wasn’t feeling all that well he went to the doctor who told him he needed to get some exercise. He said – I just shore 100 sheep before I came here – what do you call that!

    • mervfrench said

      As a shearer from way back I can tell you there was a few days when we “didn’t feel well “. All part of the fun.

      If you shear around 150 decent sized wethers then you have probably dragged out and handled around 14 tonne during a full 8 hour day.

      If you do that on a hot day, and I can recall it was 52 deg one day in a shed, then you must ” keep up your fluids ” so to speak.

      • muzz said

        Geez, it would be easier to dig swimming pools by hand. Sounds like you made a good decision to get out of that game when you did.

        I reckon this bloke might cut his own hair too! 🙂

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