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Little Green Tractor.

Posted by mervfrench on October 17, 2011

Still on the hay theme, what else it’s hay time out here, I went out again tonight to have a look around.

When I was going through them tonight I thought I’d  try the tilt shift with this one.  Not perfect but I kinda like it.

Forecast is for showers tomorrow , not good for the hay but it might produce a decent sky.




24 Responses to “Little Green Tractor.”

  1. David Sobik said

    Merv that is so cool. Is the kid upset you pinched the toy from?

  2. muzz said

    This image is perfect for this effect, and the slightly unnatural colours work really well too. Anyone would think you never had toys when you were a kid and now you’re making up for it.

  3. Love it. I used to drive one of these as a kid, both a real one and a toy version!

  4. hodgy1 said

    What about the little red baler ?

  5. Very cool…love this effect 😉

  6. Nice shot and well done. I like it!

  7. Eden said

    Very cool!

  8. Perfect use for the tilt shift Mervman! I am yet to have a play with a shot like this.

  9. mattinman said

    Looks just like a real toy. It’s cool and different, if I was in the toy tractor business you’d have a customer. I only had an old fashion Tonka tractor, not the real thing.

  10. peta said

    Looks like you have built the perfect Diorama….Love the miniature world effect…

  11. I love the effects you can get with a tilt shift, looks way cool Merv.

  12. Great photograph Merv

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