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Hay time.

Posted by mervfrench on October 16, 2011

Hay time in the Avon Valley and the  season has been a good one and the crops are heavy.  Shot this one last night after sundown after waiting for some color in the sky that really never came to anything.

Might go out again tonight I think.

 Hodgy shot one earlier in the day from the opposite end of the paddock  see it here.




15 Responses to “Hay time.”

  1. Nice shot Merv!

  2. Did you just do something to your shot Merv?

  3. hodgy1 said

    Hmmmm, that big bale at right front is a bit distracting and the contrast is a bit heavy maybe. Unreal the number of rows there are out there.

  4. muzz said

    Might be in hodgy’s court on this one – there is something about that big bale. Did you work out the circle of confusion and stabilise the image properly?? Nevertheless, it still has me reaching for the Sudafed just looking at it.

    • mervfrench said

      It’s the airy disc thats the problem here. x1x2=h might have got the calculation wrong.

      the big bale needs to be sharp I think and i should have shot it higher. Alround failure !!

  5. Donelle said

    Pfffft square bales, give me round bales any day!! lol

  6. Muzz cracks me up!

  7. Might have to put some pressure on him eh mate!

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