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Riding Through Venice

Posted by mervfrench on September 11, 2011

I plugged in a hard drive tonight to just have a look at some shots from our trip to Europe last year.  The hard drive wouldn’t boot and I thought I may have been in a bit of trouble !!

After swearing and changing a few plugs I found that the USB Hub was not working so I plugged straight into the computer  and away it went  …. phew.

Anyway I came upon  this shot and thought I would put it up.

 As you would know Venice is a water city with no real roads in Venice proper.   Gondolas  and power boat taxis are the main form of transport But I thought this was a rather unique  way to cycle around Venice.

Venice is a great place to visit. If you ever get the chance,  go there, you won’t be disappointed 

17 Responses to “Riding Through Venice”

  1. Now that is very clever. Great capture Merv.

  2. wayte27 said

    Yeah nicely taken there Merv. Like the sense of movement
    Skye & I arrive in Rome on Friday week so any more pics you wish to share to wet my photographic appetite are welcome
    Cheers Adrian

  3. muzz said

    After CF’s recent cycling escapade, maybe we could convince him to have a crack at the Avon Descent on one of these. There would be plenty of photographers there to egg him on – well to egg him one way or the other anyway.

  4. True North Mark said

    Innovation thru necessity Merv! Like it!

  5. Geez, both you and Pete running the gauntlet posting photos!!! Hope you got the garden done!!

  6. peta said

    Great pic, I have been to Venice and loved every minute of it but I must admit I didnt see anything like that. Wouldn’t want to be behind one of the speedboats wake though on that…

  7. Great shot Merv, nice sense of movement too. Good to meet you the other day and put a face to the comments 🙂

  8. Ha! Very cool!!

    • mervfrench said


      Are you getting to this part of the world on your trip ??

      • …we’re hoping to. I’ve heard the place is slowly sinking, don’t know how true that is but would like to see it before it does.
        Was it very expensive there? Can I hire a canoe 🙂

      • mervfrench said

        It is sinking Sandy. They told us that it could all be gone in around 1500- 2000 yrs time. 🙂

        We only had 1 full day and night there and didn’t find it expensive from memory. You really need to spend a few days there to take it all in I think.

  9. Jeez…only 1500 years, I’d better get over there quick before the whole lot goes 😉 Will send you a postcard if we make it.

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