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I’ve Found the “Gold”

Posted by mervfrench on September 6, 2011

Well this is all the gold I can find at the moment  … Canola Gold.

It is everywhere at present and unlike the gold at the end of the rainbow this is not hard to find.

This was taken out the back of Meckering. i thought this looked like a nice simple composition.

Another week and the Canola will be stating to be past it’s best.

I was just putting this up when the “ping ” come thru that Mark had just posted a canola shot as well.

Canola is the current flavour  it seems.



28 Responses to “I’ve Found the “Gold””

  1. True North Mark said

    Pleased to se you have found the ‘gold’ mate!

    It looks like it was taken the same day as when i took as the clouds are very simlar.

    Sweet shot as well for sure!

  2. […] to post this after seeing True North Mark’s and Merv’s shots! I love having other like-minded enthusiasts here in Perth and the surrounds.. great to be […]

  3. I decided to post up a Canola shot as well, just to keep up with you and Mark.. brilliant work mate, love the composition, great colour as well 🙂

  4. Hey Merv, that’s really cool. You also captured some perfect ‘Simpsons’ clouds.

  5. peta said

    Very nice Merv, yes its Canola gold…its very nice driving in the country at the moment. I think I will have to go up and take some from the air because the colours of the green and yellow are just amazing and I reckon it might look really cool from the air.

    • mervfrench said

      Peta i’ve seen it from the air and its not all that vivid . Well not from directly above. looking directly down on it it is thin compared to looking across it at ground level so it’s not nearly as yellow.

  6. love the clouds Merv, they make the shot……….along with the lone tree………..oh, and the canola. Struck gold indeed.

  7. bethanyrow said

    You have a real keen eye for stunning photography.

  8. Might see fi I can find some “gold” of my own over the weekend…….seems everywhere I look everyone is claiming “gold” status for their photos!!

  9. Gina said

    Love, love, LOVE this photo Merv! My heart nearly stopped for a moment (lover of color that I am). Such a beautiful shot. No “gold” ’round these parts but we do have a lot of brown and green. 🙂

  10. Fantastic shot Merv. Makes me want to sneeze 🙂

  11. Donelle said

    Luv the pic Merv, that lone tree really pulls you in!!! 🙂

  12. Kris Holmes said

    Hey Merv, Just thought I’d have a look through your blog and thought compelled to comment on this one – what a cracker of a shot. Love it.

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