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Avon Descent Photographs

Posted by mervfrench on August 9, 2011

 What a way to spend a Saturday. just a lazy paddle down the Avon River.

Here’s a selection from the Avon Descent  taken at Extracts Weir.

A paddle  of paddlers maybe !!!

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16 Responses to “Avon Descent Photographs”

  1. All great shots, but I particularly like the second one!!

  2. hodgy1 said

    Arrrrhh, I knew you have a few good ones in amongst that 1000 or so shots. I reckon I have got at least 100 shots of the guy with the red shiny stuff on his helmet over the years, must be a good subject.

  3. peta said

    Looks like hard work that paddling, maybe not the most gentle paddle down the river…Great shots, must come out next year, the cold early morning is the problem….

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Peta. Some of them looked like they wanted to go no further.

      It is usually quite pleasant in the morning , not cold at all, well not in the sun anyway.

      Remind me next year and we will take you too a good spot.

    • peta said

      Your on, that would be great…

      • Alan said

        Thanks for the great memories of extracts!!! My two memories are a lasting sore butt and the rescue guys taking forever to get our boat out. Yes I am the one in the top two shots. By the way we did manage to limp our boat to the finish line with a broken rudder after that. For the rest of the race we were asked were use the ones at extracts !!! yes

      • mervfrench said

        Thanks for the comments and visit Alan.

        Glad to hear you made it to the end,

        I really felt for you at extracts as it was a real effort to get your boat out and it wasn’t much fun standing around shivering. I have a few more shots of your ordeal and quite a few more of other competitors.

  4. Great shots Merv, I really like no2 as well. Always said I’d like to shoot some shots there, maybe next year!

  5. Hi Merv,

    I just love the photo of just that guy’s head sticking out of the water. Absolute classic!


  6. Making it to the end is a big achievement for sure having done the race 4 times as a paddler. It is certainly time for a massage and a sauna after that lot! Nice shots Merv!

  7. Great shots Merv, looks like so much fun.

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