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A Couple of Ideas for Tonights Dinner.

Posted by mervfrench on July 28, 2011

Why not try some beautiful dried fish.

 I shot these in a Bali market and I’m not sure how you would make anything of them at all, except soup I suppose.

What put me a little off the market was the rats scampering around the place. I imagine they would have a feast after dark.



























6 Responses to “A Couple of Ideas for Tonights Dinner.”

  1. I think there could be colera, golden staff and all sorts of new ways to poison one’s self in that lot Merv!

  2. Looks more like a fisherman’s paradise where he could have his selection of ‘bait’! I wonder if fish can get food poisoning!:)

  3. muzz said

    Presumably John West had rejected these – so have the rats by the look of it. There is a fly or two having a crack though so there must be something edible left.

  4. No wonder your crook now, you would only have to walk past these to catch something.

    Good luck with the ratitis.

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