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Clouds or Tree ?

Posted by mervfrench on July 27, 2011

Now this is not a good image , very hard to get a shot out of a plane window at 30,000 ft.

But what instantly caught my eye was the shadow of the cloud over the creek system leading into the river. It looks like a tree with branches and leaves, well I think it does anyway.

Taken somewhere in the north of WA.

Nothing special , but it caught my eye.


8 Responses to “Clouds or Tree ?”

  1. Very clever shot Merv. Well spotted mate.


  2. Yep looks like a tree to me as well mate! Try a solid black layer over it with about 10% in blend mode soft light and see if it brings it up a bit?

    Nice work!

  3. muzz said

    Funny how great minds think differently – first thing that sprang to mind for me was blood vessels around the heart, with the black shadow an area of infarction! 🙂 I think my heart would have a lot heavier cloud layer around it though haha.

    Next time see if you can open a window so you don’t have to do all that Photoshop stuff later.

  4. Tony Middleton said

    Great abstract Merv – well spotted and titled

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