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110 years young.

Posted by mervfrench on July 20, 2011

While in Bali we hired a minivan and  driver to take us out and up into the hills and on up to the north of the island. It was a good way to go as there were 6 of us and we could all get a guided tour and enjoy the ride without the hassle of driving. A full day cost the equivalent of  A$30 per couple, a bargain.  While we were in the north our driver, Aldi, took us to meet his family at their house.  They were very friendly as you would expect and lived in a modest house in a very small village surrounded by rice and tobacco growing. Aldi’s grandmother lived with them and she is supposedly 110 yrs old.

She happily posed for a photo.


7 Responses to “110 years young.”

  1. Nice portrait Merv, I saw the grey hair and thought that it was another mug shot of Christian!

  2. hodgy1 said

    Thats a great portrait shot, like the expression. Not sure about the 110 but you never know I suppose.

  3. muzz said

    She seems comfortable enough in your presence, unlike the market guy. Might be a different story if you were eyeing off her sausages!

  4. If she is 110 I want to know the secret! 🙂 Nice shot mate!

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