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Eating Bali.

Posted by mervfrench on July 19, 2011

You can take your pick of what you eat and where you eat  in Bali as these examples show.

None of it is expensive , but some of it tastes better than others.




















8 Responses to “Eating Bali.”

  1. hodgy1 said

    The guy in the top shot on the left doesn’t look to happy about you taking photos ? That bowl in the front is full of the same things I picked up off back lawn on Sunday.

    • mervfrench said

      I think that guy was worried I wanted the secret recipe for those sausages. 🙂

      No one ever said or looked like they didn’t want their photo taken. Most of them actually gave me a smile.

      We went to another market out in the back blocks and there were rats running all over the place. It was state housing for them.

  2. And depending on which Collera cart you buy from depends on how crook you get! 🙂

  3. Yes, 3 times Merv. Each time was for Skydiving! The first and second time was for Skydiving Boogies, jumping out of C130s and Cassa’s with about 1500 Skydivers from all over the world attending. On one of those we broke a world record and put 780 canopies in the air at once! I was in freefall above a line of Cassa at 3000 feet and we were told not to open lower than 4,000 ft or we would hit an aircraft!

    The last time was an invitation only jump organised by a well known Skydiving Legend. It was after the second round of Bali bombings and we were basically paid to go up there and put a positive spin on things again. Free airfares, free food, free booze, 25 jumps from 22,500 feet with oxygen, parties every night, sunset jumps onto Kuta beach every night and ‘get outtta jail free’ cards that wee wore all the time that enabled us to get police escorts everywhere, go the wrong way against one way traffic and all sorts of good stuff!

    We broke a world record on the 3rd attempt and built the largest formation ever out of a single aircraft, which was 100 people. It is much harder to do large formations out of one aircraft as the formation gets spread out so far. Some of the big ways are up to nearly 400 I think but they have numerous aircraft flying in a V formation so that people can access the centre from all directions.

    In the evenings on this sortiie I would often pull out my wingsuit and freefall up and down Kuta on the Sunset jumps with about 6 other Birdies before going to one of the beach bars for a party!

    The party on the last night was huge and was held at the Hilton. We had representatives from every country and we all had to get up and sing our national anthem. We chose to sing Waltz Sing Matilda!

    So…..yes, I have been there mate…and I have probably seen it in a way that no one else ever will!!!:)

    • muzz said

      Hey, same as me but I’ve only been twice. And except for the skydiving 🙂 Oh, and also the police escorts. Actually I didn’t go to any parties either. Come to think of it, I didn’t do sh1t in Bali – I think I’d better go back for another go!

  4. Very funny Merv!

    And Muzz, yes I think I was indeed somewhat privileged intro into Bali to be sure!

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