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One Big Windmill.

Posted by mervfrench on June 28, 2011

I was out at Merredin yesterday and went past the Collgar Windfarm. The farm was recently commissioned  and is now suppling power to the grid.  It is hard to capture how big the wind farm is as it is spread over 13kms and has 111 wind turbines spread out and now operating.It is the largest wind farm in WA. This shot caught my eye as to me it shows the size of one of the wind turbines in relation to the surrounding area.  A long  aerial shot would be the only way to show the shear size of the area and capture all the wind towers.



22 Responses to “One Big Windmill.”

  1. Well captured Merv! You have certainly managed to show the scale which it needs for sure!

  2. It looks big to me mate!

    There is quite an industry in our game servicing water based turbines eh and growing!

    When the oil runs out we will be relying on kit like this big time mate!:)

    • mervfrench said

      When we were in Europe last year there was a large wind farm opened out of the coast of Kent about 10ks out to sea.

      Only thing wrong with these when the oil runs out is they are going to look a bit odd on the back of a car !! 🙂

  3. Good to see one put together Merv. They came through the Bunbury Port, so I got to see all the pieces on the ground. I know they’d be a decent size, as I think each blade is 46 metres long. Good job showing the scale too.

  4. hodgy1 said

    Sure does look bigger than any others I’ve seen before,……… I’ll give it a 69.

  5. With the amount of sun and wind Australia is blessed with, there should be an abundance of wind turbines and solar panels! Denmark gets about 20% of our electricity from a huge amount of wind turbines.

  6. muzz said

    Good to see you embracing the “Altered Landscape” genre Merv. It certainly looks big from here. Are they noisy once they get going?

  7. Jamie Paterson said

    Hi Merv, have to agree with the others, you’ve managed to show the size of these turbines very cleverly!


  8. Eden said

    Super shot!

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Eden.

      The whole point of the shot was to portray the scale of the wind turbines in relation to the landscape it is in. It appears from the comments that this has been achieved.


  9. Steve said

    Hey Merv,

    It looks like the ute is fleeing the windmill like it is going to chop it up!

    PS. Thanks for enlightening me on the AIPP judges 😉

  10. peta said

    That is a big wind turbine…great perspective shot..

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