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There must be something good on TV.

Posted by mervfrench on June 20, 2011

Is it any wonder our TV picture goes on the blink from time to time.  On the farm these birds would have got a hurry up with a shot gun.

It usually scared them off then, but I usually had to get up on the roof and retrieve a couple of victims and it also peppered the aerial with holes as well.

Shot tonight with the 7d ( not the shot gun ) and 100-400 and they are Pink and Gray Galahs


24 Responses to “There must be something good on TV.”

  1. Cool shot Merv!

    Funnily enough I saw some white galah’s on a TV aerial in East Freo this morning and almost pinged a shot off…how funny would have that been if we both posted Galah shots on the same day!

  2. I resemble that! 🙂

  3. hodgy1 said

    Classic shot………. Gray ?

    • mervfrench said

      Ah , you spotted the deliberate mistake , well done. 🙂

      There is actually no difference in the two and both are acceptable in a game of scrabble ….. just ask Muzz.

      • hodgy1 said

        scrabble players always say things like that.

      • muzz said

        It is strange how there are some words I use everyday that are apparently unacceptable in Scrabble. 🙂 At the same time, there are words that no-one else in the known universe ever uses except for Merv in a Scrabble game, and yet they are acceptable.

    • muzz said

      Of course it’s “gray” hodgy – they are an American bird after all 😉

  4. Eden said

    Wow! lol

  5. Great shot Merv. I love Galahs, the way they are so playful.

  6. Bethany Row said

    Who needs a set top box little brother?

  7. Christian said

    brilliant Merv

  8. Very funny, except the damage to the antenna. We get them and the black/white tailed cockatoos, and the strip the trees out the front, just leaving a huge mess none the less, still great to see.

  9. Gina said

    Those must be special, highly prized Australian birds as I’ve never seen anything quite like ’em. Really neat shot Merv!

  10. peta said

    Great image Merv….I am glad that you just used your 7D for the shot…..I just love the Pink and Grey…

  11. CRACKER!!

  12. This is a fantastic shot Merv, well done mate

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