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Action shot.

Posted by mervfrench on June 18, 2011

This won’t mean much too many of you, if anyone.  This is a close up of  seeding tynes on a airseeder in action as it digs and places seed and fertiliser into the ground.

I think it is a rather cool action shot. I shot this driving beside the seeder in my ute and shooting out the window. The machine is travelling at 8 kmh.


15 Responses to “Action shot.”

  1. Was this shot with the S90? You are a bit of a daredevil though Merv, hanging out the window at those sort of speeds!! I guess you wear a few tine points out through the seeding programme, or are they tungsten tipped?

    • mervfrench said

      Not the s90 with this one Jamie, it was with the 7D and 70-200.. I was actually trying to get a video, the first time I’ve ever turned it on, and this is a single frame pulled from the video.

      The video turned out crap , i think it’s back to the drawing board with that, but I liked this frame.

      The seeder has tungsten tipped knife points and the wear is really pretty good considering the acres it does. They only get changed singularly as needed and it might take 2 seasons before they all get replaced. We only ever changed a few a day, they get checked each fill.

      Danger is my middle name mate, I think nothing of it. I could almost jump out of a plane !!! 🙂

  2. peta said

    Very cool…..

  3. Cool shot Merv!

    It looks like something from outta space!

  4. When are we going Skydivivg Merv…I just gotta see that!:)

  5. ianwiese said

    Merv – if you are like me, I am happy to jump out of any plane travelling at 8kph, but no faster! I like the shot – brings back memories as a child of riding behind the combine while my father was seeding. (It is probably illegal nowadays as most things are – I recall my sister slipping off and falling under the tines towed behind the combine. Luckily we got Dad to stop quickly!)

    • mervfrench said

      I never said the plane had to be moving or off the ground !!!

      I did the same thing Ian as your sister when i was a kid as well. Spent most of the holidays playing on the combine at seeding time and one day slipped and fell off the back. My legs went under the harrows being dragged behind> They are only light and just there to level the ground, a couple of bruises was all that happened . I got up and run after the combine and jumped back on. Ah the good old days.

      • ianwiese said

        That’s what they were called – harrows! My sister was only about four, so we had to get Dad to stop. We got into big trouble because the reason she fell was that we were riding the harrows and holding onto the seat at the back of the combine. You probably were doing the same thing. Dad couldn’t see us from the tractor seat. I don’t think anyone ever told Mum.

  6. Eden said

    I agree. Cool action shot, and not something you see every day 🙂

  7. muzz said

    Some great potential with the 7D video I reckon – did you use your new Z-finder?

  8. Tony Middleton said

    Cool image Merv, great perspective and insight !

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