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Continuing the sheep theme.

Posted by mervfrench on May 25, 2011

With the dry season the sight of sheep walking to water late in the afternoon is a little sad looking. But it is a fairly normal scene most years in the wheatbelt. With recent rains there is a little green starting to show and hopefully  the sheep will be happily grazing green grass very soon.


9 Responses to “Continuing the sheep theme.”

  1. Great shot Merv…very Australian….love it!

  2. Wow that is dry!
    Will have to catch up for a shoot sometime.

  3. mervfrench said

    Yes we must get out Leigh. Ring me next time you are thru.

  4. I love this shot Merv. Its just so Aussie. Its awesome the way the dust in the air demonstrates just how dry it is out there.


  5. Great shot Merv, that dry I feel like a drink……

  6. ianwiese said

    Hopefully you will get some of this rain Merv. I like this shot – very West Australian wheatbelt, and it tells a story.


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