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It’s a bit bloody dry mate !!!

Posted by mervfrench on May 10, 2011

With one of the driest years on record last year , no summer rain and virtually none so far this year  farmers are a little on edge.  There has been a little bit of risky dry seeding happening , mainly Canola but most guys are waiting too see how much rain we get and when it is going to come before committing to really getting seed into the ground. I saw this on the road tonight on the way home , this is a mate of mine seeding Canola. 


17 Responses to “It’s a bit bloody dry mate !!!”

  1. Geez Merv, tis a bit dry up there. I feel for the wheatbelt guys, as I know how little rain there has been this year. Us on the other hand have had a great start to the season, but we’ve received only enough to get the pastures and hay paddocks going, virtually no runoff at all. While I type this, I am sniffing my dog’s farts that are wafting up from under the desk!!! Dirty little f**ker!!!

    • mervfrench said

      Shoot the dog !!!!

      • mervfrench said

        Hey Jamie you had better put up a shot of some green. We’ve forgotten what it looks like and might not see much this year the way it’s going.

      • Ok, will do Merv. It actually looks good with some really good early feed. We seeded a hay paddock down before the first rain and the oats are about 8 inches tall. If we do have another dry year, there are going to be a lot of people in trouble down here, as there won’t be too much water in irrigation dams!

  2. While we had a record rainfall over this side last year with 1000+mm in the last 3 months of the year. Crazy weather. They are saying this La Nina will slacken about June and rain may come, I do hope so. Great drought farming shots though Merv.

  3. hodgy1 said

    Stop reminding me.

  4. muzz said

    Family out there reckon they’ve never seen it so dry in over 40 years. That freshly turned earth usually looks appealing but in these shots you can see the reality. Hopefully your mate will find something to wash the dust out of his throat at the end of the day, and maybe help him sleep a bit better in these stressful times for farmers.

  5. Bloody dry alright, won’t tell you what I’m looking out to at present but hopefully you’ll get some of the stuff soon.

  6. Tony Middleton said

    I dig the top image Merv – great rural stuff there mate, nice light,tones and dust 🙂 Bloody hell what a contrast…Green,lush,gales,hail and snow down to 500m over the SE corner today !

  7. Yea dry indeed mate! This post should be called “Optimism”.

  8. I can’t recall so many offshores ever Mervy boy. Even now in Autumn they are still around. No wonder the fronts can’t make it in!

    Lets hope next weeks forecast rain makes it…cool shots by the way!

  9. yeah what’s goin on?? we were like 19 with drizzle today….. crazy weather lol.
    i drove to Perth on the Easter weekend and it was pretty terrible through the wheatbelt, hopefully you get something through there soon!

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