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Desert Tracks

Posted by mervfrench on May 4, 2011

This is shot out in the Little Sandy Desert, a world away from the previous image thats for sure.

The little tracks were not much bigger than a couple of match heads and there is no tail dragging so I  have no idea what it could be.

A small bird I’m thinking , looks like it could be claws.

18 Responses to “Desert Tracks”

  1. That looks really neat Merv, I love the colour it’s just striking.

  2. Your such a bloke Merv, HA HA. I suppose I do really need to put up the babies on there too but in the hope that I will get other followers from the baby shoots, they may then be interested in landscapes. It’s all in the marketing Merv. lol.

  3. True North Mark said

    Nice work mate…as agreed, the changes I made to your image worked well…and I agree with the baby comment as well mate…seen one you have seen em all!

    All they do is eat, drink, shit and spew! 🙂 Now there’s a blokey statement for you Andrea!

  4. True North Mark said

    Glad you like a bloke who says it how it is Andrea! 🙂

    I have never been one to pull any punches!

  5. It’a a great trait to have Mark. I must say I have difficulty in not always being as straight up as I would like to be, I’m very honest I’m not a liar but I don’t always have the courage to be as straight forward as I’d like to be, it’s a working progress. LOL.

  6. Nice work Merv, not a lizard track by chance?

  7. muzz said

    Grasshopper? Tracks I mean …

  8. Eden said

    Very cool.

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