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One more from the Superpit.

Posted by mervfrench on April 26, 2011

I really like these shots of machinery at work.


13 Responses to “One more from the Superpit.”

  1. True North Mark said

    Another great Tonka toy shot mate…needs a person standing there to give it some scale I reckon…can you find one of them!

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah mark … it needs a Landcruiser or something to give it some scale. A person would stand about half half way up the tracks on the digger and a cruiser roof would be about level with the top of the tracks. Big gear eh !!!

  2. hodgy1 said

    Why have you been sitting on these for so long??? This is a ripper and I think the machines themselves show the scale of the set up. Hope that big shovel checks his rear view mirror before he backs up. They do look a bit like Tonka toys though.

  3. Wicked shot mate. I love how crisp and sharp it is.

  4. peta said

    Yep another great shot Merv, I have been in one of the trucks when they have dumped a load and it sure shakes you around…

  5. muzz said

    It’s a great perspective looking down on these monsters. Did you have a free run at photographing or are they all taken from a designated spot? If so it looks like you had a long reach on your lens there. By the way, do you know what the splash of red at the lip of the rim is, above-left of the haulpak?

    • mervfrench said

      I had a free run to photograph from the tourist lookout. So i took advantage of a quite time with no tourists and jumped up on the roof of the shed and got a great look inside the pit.

      That splash of red is actually the driver in his fluro vest.

  6. Another great shot. Wh didn’t any my super pit shots work out like these? Very jealous.

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