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Posted by mervfrench on April 7, 2011

Would you like a consonant or a vowel  ????   🙂

17 Responses to “Filed under ….. the things you see.”

  1. Too funny Merv.

  2. davidsobik said

    ????? in New Zealand? I could not even say most of the towns or streets when I was there.

  3. What a beaut! A real tongue twister

  4. Mate I couldn’t even begin to pronounce that!

  5. muzz said

    Are you sure that’s the correct spelling? – my spell checker doesn’t recognize it. Had to laugh – my TomTom can’t handle the new Mandjoogoordap Drive and just calls it the Mandurah Access Road.

  6. Kheng said

    Interesting name 🙂 how would you even pronounce it???

    Gab bee key key?

    Great one Merv. Excellent composition too 😀

  7. Tony Middleton said

    Looks like Aust to me with the trees. Classic spotting Merv !

  8. peta said

    Good one Merv…what a name, I am not even going to try and pronounce that…

  9. I would hate to live in that street! I get enough issues with people getting their head around Stothard! 🙂

  10. I reckon it might be pronounced “Gabby-koy-koy”

  11. Keen to catch up tomorrow for lunch still? I will be in town tomorrow just give me a call 0408 957 090 or drop me an email. Cheers

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