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Hobbit Country.

Posted by mervfrench on April 5, 2011

Just going thru a few shots from NZ and thought I might put this one up.   This is deep  down in a gorge in the Catlins  in the South Island of NZ.  The day was fairly overcast and we kept getting skitttery ( thats a technical weather term ) showers all day. I decided to follow the path and see what I could find while the others waited in the car.  This waterfall was the end of the line.  It was hard to get the shot as it was misty and very damp, everything was pretty slippery and I didn’t have a lot of time.  I managed a couple of shots then headed back in the rain trying to keep everything dry.

30 Responses to “Hobbit Country.”

  1. Lovely shot Merv, certainly looks like a magical spot….

  2. Joanna said

    Nice shot Merv. I’ve been having fun taking photos of waterfalls myself lately in the Otway national park. Major fail in posting any on my photography blog though – they’ve only made it onto my travel one so far!

  3. Very peaceful Merv. Nice shot, bit of green colour cast in the right fall? N.Z certainly is a magic place alright.

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Andrew . The colour cast is actually a burst of sun that broke thru at that moment and cast green from the trees, it’s in the original so I left it there.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful shot Merv. I love rainforests and waterfalls and this is just stunning.

  5. Wicked shot Merv. I’m a sucker for these shots just like Andrea. I love the way overcast conditions really intensify greens.

    I did a covert trip into Northam the other day and got some shots. 🙂


    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Jamie … not sure I really like it now its up.

      I saw the Glenfied Homestead shot , I’ve got a few of them myself. Pity you missed the balloon ride , are you rescheduled ??

  6. Very Nice shot Merv! I drove all the way from Te Anau to shoot this at sunset then all the way back again haha.

  7. The colours do look a bit metallic but a great shot!

  8. muzz said

    Very peaceful shot Merv. I know what Dave is saying but I have no idea how you’d get rid of it. Nevertheless it’s still a nice image and taken under pressure no doubt – I know that feeling when others are “waiting” for you to get back – again!

  9. Nicely done son!

  10. Peta said

    It does look like a great place, nice pic and given the conditions you did well. Looks like a good place to revisit…

  11. Tony Middleton said

    It certainly is a beautiful region down there, but then again so is pretty much the entire Sth Island ! I think Dave may be on the right track with metallic/underexposed.

  12. christian said

    A yep from me mervie, bloody nice. Is that water a little blown though? If not I’d say a perfect landscape shot.

  13. Luke Austin said

    Nice image. Well worth the walk.

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