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Posted by mervfrench on March 20, 2011

Ok here it is a new post.

Its been a while  and I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t really been shooting anything lately.  The hot weather hasn’t helped  as  there is not much excitement out around here this time of the year.

It’s that time of the year when I feel a bit flat  as far as shooting goes , I’m waiting for green grass and rain , bring it on I say !!!

Anyway Fri night I decided to get a shot of the moon as it supposed to be closer than normal. I didn’t get a chance last night but I actually think tonight will be better as it will be rising after sundown and I think the glow will be better.

Shot with the 100-400 and the 7d so its actually closer to 600mm.


20 Responses to “Moonraker.”

  1. wayte27 said

    That’s awesome mervman
    How long was the exposure etc I’m after a similar shot great effort indeed

    • mervfrench said

      Adrian the details are f6.3 1/400th ISO 400 -1.5 exp comp. I think you just have to experiment but you have to get the quickest shutter you can as at this focal length it doesn’t take much movement to introduce a slight blur, and you’d be surprised how fast the moon moves.

  2. Awesome detail Merv.

    • mervfrench said

      Cheers Jamie.

      Just been out getting a couple more tonight, nice to have a moon or two in the library.

      • ianwiese said

        They should be handy – I can see a series coming up – Full Moon over the Avon River, Full Moon over Perth Water, Full Moon over the Busselton Jetty, etc, etc.

        Great shot.

        Ian Wiese

  3. Great shot Merv, amazing detail. Always good to have a few moon shots…

  4. mervfrench said

    Yes you can do a lot with moon shots , they always come in handy. i’m quite pleased with this one , one of the better ones I’ve taken of the moon.

  5. muzz said

    C’mon Merv, everyone can see it’s just a dodgy rock melon.

  6. Nice work Merv. Good to see you shooting again

  7. Adam Monk said

    Nice details on the surface there mate, and also that its not quite full gives it a really 3D perspective, nice one

  8. Bout bloody time you posted something Merv!! I was keen to get something here last night, but when I got back to the farm from Bunbury the clouds rolled in!! Typical…

  9. Kheng said

    That shot is awesome Merv. How much cropping did you have to do? Detail of the moon is simply fantastic.

  10. Joanna said

    Nice shot Merv. Great detail in the moon. Can you get any more night sky in the frame to the right of it (on the side with the shadow) – just to make it balance with the other side and give the image more symmetry?

  11. Donelle said

    Gorgeous pic Merv, love the detail!!!! Great job!

  12. Hi Merv…great moon shot mate….I expect to see it appearing in a few landscapes down the track! 🙂

  13. WOW that’s pretty flippin awesome Merv.

  14. C’mon Merv….it’s a ‘given’ that I’m slack at posting (although that may change when I get to China) but you’re slowing down too much. Bring on more photos.

    -Will give you a call before I leave.

  15. peta said

    Nice detail Merv, good to see you make a post……been awhile…..

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