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The Duck

Posted by mervfrench on February 11, 2011

Another feathered friend. this time it is in England and I know it’s a duck , probably a Mallard.

What really took my eye at this place was the crystal clear stream water.

You can see how clear it is under the duck and you could see the bottom of the steam like a window and it would have been 2-3 feet deep.

Shot with the S90.


16 Responses to “The Duck”

  1. Arh yes I can confirm that it is indeed a duck!

  2. muzz said

    That is one sharp duck. That S90 is a little pearler. Would be good to see the fully stitched image so we could check out the duck’s tail! 😛

  3. peta said

    Cute….almost looks like one of those plastic ducks….

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah a bit like one of those decoy ducks.

      It was a very friendly duck as i had to lean over the side of the bank and shoot this with one hand and it never moved.

      It might have thought the camera was going to be bread. 🙂

  4. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv,
    How did you find the bunker bay workshop. Im keen to get on for next year, I have been speaking with Nick regading next years workshops and will be attending the tassie one but to add to that I was thinking about one closer to home as well. Any thoughts ?

  5. Very simple image that works well. Pin sharp…can’t complain about quality on compact cameras!

  6. Christian said

    Duck soup anyone? Merv you have nailed it, possibly too well. Try wood ducks next time then work your way up to the feathered variety. I think HE likes you mate!

  7. Come on mate.About time for a new one eh? Now where have heard that one before……?

  8. Any danger of posting anything?? Or have you retired too?

  9. Tickady boo mate! Sweet shot and great colours.

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