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Dave can you help ???

Posted by mervfrench on February 6, 2011

This was shot in Busselton and I’m wondering if it’s a type of Sea hawk or  Sea Eagle.

I’m sure you’ll know what it is Dave.


7 Responses to “Dave can you help ???”

  1. Tom Putt said

    Judging by the facial markings, it likes like a square-tailed kite. Dave please confirm.

  2. Yea I reckon it is a kite of some kind. Most probably a juvenile as it is pale and patchy in colour. Definitely not an osprey or sea eagle. I’ll check out my field guides tomorrow and get back to you but I do reckon Tom might be on the money! Are you into wildlife as well Tom?

  3. True North Mark said

    Sure it’s not a ‘Crested howyagoin’ kite boys! 🙂

    Nice shot Mervy boy!

  4. peta said

    Cute little fella, it does look like a square-tailed KIte, the juvenile is usually a lot more orange but its a bit hard to tell so maybe he is just on the change into adulthood, the adults have that distinctive white face
    Good shot…

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