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Posted by mervfrench on February 3, 2011




















This is a one off as the original file will be destroyed.   Hence  1.1 , it’s 1 of 1 and the price is  1.1 million  US $

This will be my last post of this kind of photography for a while as it is physically and mentally  exhausting.

29 Responses to “BINS 1.1 THE CIRCLE OF CONFUSION.”

  1. True North Mark said

    APPA gold mate!

    CF will love it!

    Bleep bleep!

  2. Gold mate, gold…………..

    • Actually is the title derived from the fact the bins were confused at to why you asked them to lay there for so long in that position, telling them lies that they are going to be part of history in the photography world!! I think the bins feel they may have been used!!

  3. You have mastered the art of bin photography and achieved greatness Merv. This is beyond what any of us could hope to achieve. Thank you for your sacrifice to the world of bin art, your suffering shows in this masterpiece. Bin there, done that, you must move on as there is nothing left to achieve

    This will be studied for centuries and you will be unappreciated in your own time, which is what all art and artists strive for!

  4. hodgy1 said

    Haven’t you got anything else to do ? you must have far to much time on your hands …. .better than your last effort though.
    I think you and Brett need to go off on a shoot all by your selves and photograph every sort of bin there is out there, hell you you may as well run a workshop on the subject while your at it.

    • mervfrench said

      Well at least you are looking and studying the difference between the two so there is hope for you yet.

      Took me ages to drag the bins up the street and take them back again.

  5. Dr Rudi Scheitz-Zlinger said

    The artist’s pain and conflict screams from this image and reaches out to squeeze the heart of the viewer. The torment is palpable. The careful use of light and perspective initially gives the impression of a 5 pointed star however the sudden realisation of the 6th point is felt like a slap, strengthening the obvious juxtaposition of the apparent demonic symbolism with the biblical 6 pointed star.

    Further to this, the 2 members of the circle facing a different direction indicate the artist’s underlying confusion and tension over his sexuality and the rejection by the others close to him (the metaphorical “turning the back” displayed here). At the same time, the desire to belong and conform is portrayed by the symmetry of the circular placement. The slightly open lid of the “wrongly” facing member bottom right suggests a desire to reveal what is within, symbolic of a small utterance, perhaps a muted cry for help, perhaps simply a wish for expressive freedom otherwise repressed by the other “closed” group members.

    The symbolic use of rubbish bins suggests a deep self-loathing within the artist who sees himself as a receptacle of waste and filth. The bareness of the surrounding backdrop is indicative of the isolation he feels even within the group, and again the use of plain dirt exposes his apparent lack of self-worth.

    The twisted and miserable soul that produced this unnerving yet beautiful piece needs more help than he could know – it is unlikely that the price tag he hopes to receive will bring him comfort, and the cost of restoring his mind to a peaceful state may well be more even than this.

    • mervfrench said

      Hey Zling baby , we need to connect somehow, we are on the same page where as other mere mortals are not only not in the same book , they are not even in the same library as us,

      I’m hearin you mate, you have dissected this image like a rabbit dissects a carrot, like Anthony dissected Cleopatra, like Hannibal Lecter dissected ….. well maybe not quite like that one. The intensity of your dissection shows a understanding of the portrayed emotion in this image that only an expert in perversion could muster.

      I’ll pass on the contact details of a friend of mine named Christian Fletcher. Now there is one twisted mind, he shoots shopping trollies no less!!! Takes all kinds I guess, but I think you’ll like him.

      And if that doesn’t work I’ll put you on to Muzz, I think you will have something in common with him.

      • mervfrench said

        And Doc, if you really want a to test yourself out there’s always Tom Putt, Argggg !!!!!!

      • Dr Rudi Scheitz-Zlinger said

        I am familiar with the work of Christian Fletcher and sadly his recent work underlines his own conflicts – it is possible that he is beyond redemption. As for the others, I’m sure they will find me when they need me, unless it is already too late…….

  6. muzz said

    Looks like Dr Rudi has picked you like a nose Merv!

    What’s a bloke doing with 6 bins anyway?

  7. I thought you would of left them where they are and blamed it on that storm of yours! 😛
    Good points made by the Doc though! lol

  8. Merv this image is rubbish! – Someone had to say it! 🙂
    Nah only kidding. It does take quite a lot of mental stimulation to put something together like this as you said.
    Hats off to you.
    I better get cracking on my version I think!

  9. Donelle said

    Hmmmmmm me thinks after the harvest season, your a man with wayyyy too much time on your hands Merv!! lol 😉

  10. True North Mark said

    So are you convinced about altered landscapes yet mate! You have more hits on this post than ever before I reckon!

  11. peta said

    Very funny post….but you never know…you may be the one laughing with a million bucks…..

  12. ooooooooooooo…nice hexagon!

  13. Christian said

    its a Nup from me. You are trying too hard mate. Alteredness must flow from within. It can’t be forced! Try harder. Maybe more bins!

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