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Altered Landscapes….. The last word.

Posted by mervfrench on January 30, 2011


































” A stunning and powerful image that captures the very essence of the modern and wasteful society that is modern society as we currently know it.

This image will be the benchmark that others aspire to ” ….  Jane  Sumner -Vaughn,  Curator London Fine Art Museum.

“What a remarkable image from such a remarkable photographer” …..  Dr  Rudolf  Robiniwitzs,   New York  Collage of Fine Arts.

” This is a collectors piece, priceless ” ……   Albert J Frankinhiem,    World Art Collectors Magazine .

” Hey man thats so sixties, I want it ” …….  Keith Richards  Rolling Stones.

” What the Fu** ”  …..   Peter Lik.

” Bastard” …..  Christian Fletcher.

24 Responses to “Altered Landscapes….. The last word.”

  1. muzz said

    “Nup” – Merv French

  2. Adam Monk said

    This got anything to do with the cyclone?

  3. David Sobik said

    I love the green shirt over the kerb it pulls the viewers eye in. It also leaves me wondering what is in those bins? Should I dive in?

  4. Fstop Aus said

    “Are these people on Drugs ” – Rod Thomas. NSW

    Bloody Hodgy huh…. and you would know mate that hte bar on True North is where all the cool peopel hang out !

  5. Gold…pure gold Merv!!!

    • mervfrench said

      Cheers Jamie. As you can see by the comments it’s had a good wrap all around the world.

      By the way it’s not for sale at the moment, I’m sitting on it for a while.

  6. Christian said

    Merv, I am stunned. You obviously have a great understanding of fine art photography. Your use of colour, subject and intent rings true. I am so glad this is a new direction for you and you are not taking the piss out of all of us. A masterful piece of contemporary art. The symbiosis between what is a reflection of the modern day affliction and low resolution dslr capture is complete.

    p.s. next week a few of us are getting together to document the rise of skip bin photography. We have some locations in mind around Coolbellup, Balga and Peppermint Grove and the effect on socio economic factors and bin cleanliness. Should be fun.

    • mervfrench said

      I am also equally stunned to be asked into the elite Artist Club and I will carry the membership with honour.

      I have been practising crap … err art like this for years and it is great to be finally recognised by my peers for my efforts.

      My photographic journey is not complete, it is only just beginning.

      P.S. Bin cleanliness is something close to my heart.

  7. Robert said

    What makes this image so special is the subtle combination of both bins and trolly in the one capture, something never seen before.

    The dissecting leading lines, namely the kerb and the white parking lines, combine to mesmerise the viewer and one cannot help but be drawn to the scatted clothing which is the story of the image.

    Merv, you really know your trade, can you email me.

    R J.

  8. I love the Peter Lik comment.. sums up my thoughts on the whole matter perfectly!

    – paul

  9. hodgy1 said

    Yep, this really is shit.

  10. haha, brought a smile to me face Mervman, love those comments haha

  11. Tony Middleton said

    Top work Merv – just desaturate it a bit and sit on it like you said… then release it as a 1 off for 1.5mil and you are on I reckon.
    That isn’t low resolution DSLR quality/noise in the image, it’s artistic grain that the the iconic artist has processed in. Surely Merv shot this one on the IQ180 that phase would have flowed directly to the great artist !


  12. Quality………………reading 🙂

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