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It’s not all fluffy white sand !!!!

Posted by mervfrench on December 23, 2010

The boys did it hard at times.  The track is sometimes hard to define and is just a very narrow path thru scrub, a long way from the water.  It’s not all palm  trees and  bikinis.


5 Responses to “It’s not all fluffy white sand !!!!”

  1. hodgy1 said

    Yep, I like that because …… it’s just like mine.

  2. True North Mark said

    I think these areas were easier than the fluffy sand mate…I was stuffed after walking down to Willyaberup with the boggy white sand and I was just walking!

  3. I think I have one like this as well!!! We should all have I think!!

  4. peta said

    Nice one Merv, sounds like you all had fun.
    Have a great Xmas…

  5. Rod Thomas said

    Sorry about TN shots mate, I never even pulled out my camera once

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