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One for Sandy.

Posted by mervfrench on December 6, 2010

Just having a look through our Euro trip shots and this one reminded me of the shot Sandy Herd put up recently so I thought I would make a blatant rip off copy of  what she did. ( sorry Sandy …. he he ).

This one is taken at Kings Cross St Pancreas Station in London while waiting to catch  the EuroStar to Paris.

I’ve used this effect a few times and it can work quite well sometimes for a bit of fun.


20 Responses to “One for Sandy.”

  1. True North Mark said

    Thunderbirds are go dude!

  2. True North Mark said

    Bleep Bleep!

  3. Nice one Merv. I’m off to the UK on Wednesday so hoping to get some decent shots while away. Have a good Christmas!

  4. davidsobik said

    Merv, mate, very, very cool!

  5. muzz said

    Well done for not getting arrested as a potential terrorist taking this shot. You’re getting good at making big things look small but you’d be more use to me if you were an expert at the opposite ……

  6. Yay…at last, I’m an inspiration hee hee! Although, as we both know, this effect has been around for quite a while. Still love it though…I especially like yours ‘cos it reminds me of my train set I had as a kid, with a proper ‘English’ station. I never get tired of these shots. And as Muzz said, well done for not being arrested!

  7. Good effect Merv,very cool

  8. peta North said

    Brilliant it works so well in large places with lots of activities. Also love the car shot, they do that a lot in Italy and apparently they leave the hand break off, so they say…

  9. I can’t say I’m a fan of this type of photography, but if I was this would probably look great !

  10. Christian said

    did you use gaussian blur or lens blur?

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