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Hello World…… no2

Posted by mervfrench on September 21, 2010

Im typing this on a ipad in an Apple store in Dortmund Germany, these would be a great little thing to have on a trip like this, research as you go, but I digress. We,ve had a great run around Western Europe and dropped the camper back today. The guy was blown away that we did 6800 km in 20 days but we didn,t think it was anything special. We certainly kept on the go but nothing to insane,hell it.s only about  1000 km top to bottom in France , önly Albany to Geraldton  :-). We have seen what we planned to see and more so it.s all good.

If I see one more croissant ( only eaten 2 )  or see arsefarten  or mineä shultzen finä funken  again …………..  :-):-)

So tomorrow we take the fast train too Paris then the Eurostar toö London, hire a car and head out  into England and B&B,s  for 10 days, a pint of larger,  pork pies and  road signs in english. !!!!!!

One disappointment. We were in Cologne yesterday and Photokina starts there tomorrow, if we weren,t pre booked on the train we would have stayed. I did find out that there is a new 400 2.8  from Canon, now that would be handy, and the S90 is now the S95 with HD video ( one for you Flemming ).

Ok thats it, the guys in the store are starting look at me funny and I don,t want to be taken away and interrogated.

C Ya.


6 Responses to “Hello World…… no2”

  1. davidsobik said

    Hello Merv! Great to see your alive and kicking! Yes Photokina would have been bloody ripper, next year hey!

    Safe travels mate.

  2. Hey Merv,

    Good to hear from your mate. Thanks for the update and its good to see you’re having an awesome time.


  3. Sounds like you are having a great trip! I lust for an iPad. My BIL casually went into the Hobart store and bought himself one before they set off for their Europe trip last week. Nice to be well off. Enjoy Britian and take lost of shots!

  4. muzz said

    At least you were in Germany for Oktoberfest – would’ve been a shame to have carried your leather shorts all the way there and not used them! A bevvy of Bavarian beauties bringing barrels of bubbly Bavarian beer beats British B&Bs, black-pudding and bangers any day. Hope you are still up for the pub-a-day challenge – hopefully the pressure of it won’t ruin your holiday. There is certainly some spectacular scenery still to explore in Britain so fill up those memory cards and I look forward to lots of stories when you get back.

  5. peta said

    Sounds like you are having a great time, I know what you mean with the croissants and stuff…you just crave for some normal food. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and look forward to reading all your stories when you get back.

  6. Christian said

    very cool mate, bummer about Photokina

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