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Hello World ….

Posted by mervfrench on September 10, 2010

Well a quick update on the trip for those that might be interested.   We are in Monte Rosso   Cinque Terre Northern Italy. Everything is going well, no problems with anything , even have the driving under control. when we picked up the camper i pulled out onto the wrong side of the road and then went into the roundabout the wrong way , I learnt real quick about the driving. Italy has the easiest road rules in the world, there are none !!!!

Some quick points so far.

1   There are too many people in the world.

2   Perht Airport needs to look at Singapore airport and learn something.

3  There are too many people in the world.

4 Germany has a fantastic road system

5  There are too many people in Germany.

6   Getting around London is like walking around a monopoly board. You have to pinch yourself  when you are in front of Big Ben or Buckingham Palace that you are actually there.

7   There are too many people in London.

We are now onto the south of France for a few days which we are really looking forward too.

C Ya.

15 Responses to “Hello World ….”

  1. True North Mark said

    Crackup Mervy boy!

    I could not agree more and I certainly concur that Perth Airport should even take one leaf out of the Singapore book!

    Way too many people in the world…..we have to keep the secret of Perth a secret…shoosh don’t tell any of those too many peoplethat we have a good thing goin down here mate…or we will have too many people as well! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the overcrowded holiday destinations mate!

  2. Hehehe, good stuff Merv. I agree on all points, Perth airport is a disaster. Good fun learning about your driving experiences in Europe. I had the similar yet opposite experience in Malaysia and Australia, Thailand was just to crazy to attempt in a car.

    And yes,,,,,far far too many people. Europe is so over populated. Come to Copenhagen it’s ….. raining….on second thought, don’t come!

  3. Haha Merv my hubby Ben said you are right on the money. His main complaint of everywhere we went in Europe (especially London) is that there were too many people. I guess when you come from WA there are pretty much too many people anywhere.

  4. davidsobik said

    Hey Mervie, yes take me back to the bush, I often mutter after being any place with too many people!

    Glad to hear your doing well and just remember the driver ALWAYS is near the centre of the road, no worries then!

    Cheers man

  5. So, are there a lot of people around, Merv? Reminds me of the old joke (heard at the RSL) about the returned WWII vets who went back to Italy tio visit the sites they fought over during the war. On arriving back and being asked how it was, they said it was a great trip but there were too many ‘wogs’ over there. (and no offence meant to anyone, here in Oz it’s almost a term of endearment!

    I’d love to get to Europe, maybe one day – I’ll have to keep buying those lottery tickets.

    Have a great trip and enjoy. Where’s the photos?

  6. hodgy1 said

    Hi John,…… Sorry that title reminded me of the old John Laws radio show.

    Anyway wheres the photo’s ??? or have you lost the pocket rocket already.
    Not sure I want to go to Europe anymore, After our recent trip I reckon there’s to many people in Northam.

    By the way, you will saddened to know your going to miss the Northam Show which is on today.

  7. mervfrench said

    Hello World ……. This is Merv French.

    Yeah I thought that when I put it down.
    We have had no internet at all but this place has a INet cafe so thought Id put something down. No photos ,no way to get them onto a computor, taken plenty but they are mostly happy snaps for us.

    On of the problems, certainly in Germany is that if you are on a autobahn and you see something you want to look at you have to get off this autobahn onto another autobahn then another which takes you to a 4 lane hwy which takes you to a 2 lane hwy then onto a major 2 lane rd then off onto a side rd. By this time you are 25km past what you want to see so you get back onto the 2 lane rd then back onto the 4 lane hwy then a autobahn and another then back onto the first and you are 50km past what you thought you wanted to see, get the picture ???

    The rd system really is fantastic 6 lanes, truck lane ( theres millions of them ) a faster lane and a no speed limit lane which the Lambo and Audi drivers use. This camper driver tried the fast lane at 135km but just got lights flashing from drivers behind so we do 135 in the slow lane !!!!

    We do try to stay off the main drag when possible.

    Swiss and Austrian Alps where good to drive thru zig zag rds and slow going.
    Its all good and some great sights you have to see , but there really is too many bloody people !!!!

    Really pissed off we missed the show !!!!!!

  8. peta said

    Yep quite agree about too many people, sounds like you are having a lot of fun, look forward to seeing a few of your favorite pics from the trip.

  9. christian said

    I went to Perth the other day, too many bloody people. Mate this is why we need to fight to keep the kimberley the way it is. No bloody people. Will fill you in on everything when you get home.

  10. Antonio Ranieri said

    Have an awesome time Merv

  11. muzz said

    Sounds like you didn’t take enough business cards mate!! I guess your blog will soon be flooded with hundreds of new European fans! You might need to have a “Google Translate” link on each page 😉

    I’m hoping you have a photo of your face whilst traveling at 135 kmh in the camper – I’m guessing it might look similar to when you were hanging over the stern of the True North hehe.

  12. Sounds like you had some fun on the autobahn….we need more people in Perth so we can get a 6 lane no limit freeway 😉
    Happy travels!

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