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This Ones a Cracker ……

Posted by mervfrench on August 18, 2010

Yeah I know …. but someone sent me something like this on my mobile and I ” cracked up ”  so I  had to share it.

19 Responses to “This Ones a Cracker ……”

  1. Very funny Merv!

  2. What the?! haha

  3. Oh you crack me up Merv…..

  4. muzz said

    You wacky crazy guy 🙄

  5. I have to agree Merv. This one is a cracker.


  6. hodgy1 said

    You’ve lost it !!!

  7. muzz said

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to your “This one is shite” post 👿

  8. Hey Merv, where’s your “This one’s a pisser!” post??? 🙂

  9. can’t possibly be you who took it though Merv….. there’d be no cracker by the time your finger got to the trigger 😛

  10. wayte27 said

    Speechless, filled my tena pad !

  11. Tony Middleton said

    Print this one LARGE Merv – not sure what you’d do with it though !

  12. This shot has so much potential Merv.
    Hmm well maybe not ’cause it’s only a cracker after all!

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